Jen Schlitt, RMT, CYT

Jen is most passionate about movement and has been blessed to be able to hold space and heal through both massage therapy and yoga.


Since graduating from CCMH in 2001, Jen has continued to expand her knowledge and skillset through a variety of courses including Thai massage at The International Thai Massage school in Thailand (2002), completed three years of Osteopathy studies at The Canadian College of Osteopathy (2007-2010) and two yoga teacher training programs in Toronto (2004 & 2005).


After seeing that the root cause of so many clients ailments stem from lack of core strength, instability and over all lack of mobility her approach to bring function & harmony back to the body is through hands on work including myofascial work and muscle energy especially.


Jen is a very vulnerable and empathetic therapist to suffering in constant pain, the mental struggles of not being able to physically do what you love to and the importance of listening to your body, respecting its edges and taking the appropriate time to rest & rehab, after going through three back surgeries herself. Her first partial discectomy was back in 2010, has since had another one and most recently has been fused from L4 to S1. She has continued to thrive throughout this journey being able to return to work and all of her activities; yoga, crossfit, swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, hiking and aerial silks.


Jen’s other interests include travelling, photography, music and her great dane puppy Ziggy.

30 Minute   -   $60.00

45 Minute   -   $80.00

60 Minute   -   $100.00

90 Minute   -   $145.00