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Melissa Langille LPN, FCN

Born in the small town of Annapolis Royal. After finishing high school furthered my education as a personal care worker. After working for a couple of years as a PCW I furthered my education as a LPN in Yarmouth NS 2000. I worked at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville NS until I relocated to Truro NS in 2006 to work at a long term care facility.

In 2016 I chose to explore the foot care field and soon discovered a passion for it. I then decided to take the course and realized quickly the perfect fit it was for my young family.

I started off by traveling throughout Colchester and Cumberland Counties and have been successful building my clientele. I look forward to this new chapter of offering my services alongside of other great professionals within Shallow Waters Wellness Clinic.

As a foot car nurse my goal is to educate the public about proper foot care in early detection along with treatment and prevention. If you suffer from circulatory problems, diabetes, visual impairement, pregnancy, or your an everyday person these services are right for you!

My foot care services that I offer include nail cleaning and filing, corn/callous care, ingrown toenails, and dry skin.

A complete nursing assessment with a medical history will be provided for further understanding and to identify any foot care problems.

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